Alchemy School of Healing Arts

eco-retreat village & community center

A Tuscan Renaissance ~ Regeneration & Renewal



ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts) is a Retreat and Community Center located underneath a medieval village in Southern Tuscany. The Center is the cornerstone of an initiative to regenerate the village – which is mostly uninhabited – into a thriving Intentional Community.

The continuation of growing our existing 40,000 person online community is the foundation for the center.  It will become the land-based academy and safe haven dedicated to ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible living, commerce, and business. 

When will we open?

Our soft opening is scheduled for October 2020 with Anthony’s breathwork students.  Then we will be open to guests following.

Our official opening will be May 2021 with a celebration, 1st annual experimental community festival based on performance art, music, dance, movement, and storytelling – plus,  with workshops on leadership and business.

When can you come?

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, @ASHAITALY to learn more.


We seek to realise a vision held during almost 3 decades of exploration, investigation and involvement in community building.

The ASHA Community is the meeting place for the virtual community. Virtual to in person, it is dedicated to the understanding that the only way we can change the world around us, is to begin right here, right now, in ourselves.

ASHA not only grounds the vision of this community, but offers a model as a Pilot Project for collaboration and creation of other communities around the world. It will become the land-based academy and safe haven dedicated to ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible living, commerce, and business.

We seek to regenerate a 4,000 person deserted village and retreat/community center.

Designed to work holistically with the natural cycles and seasons, based on:

  • living a negative emissions lifestyle
  • harnessing natural resources to sustain and grow life, and to generate natural power
  • permaculture: growing our own food, for the center and village
  • healing modalities and education that include services and schooling for residential and visiting guests, based on:
  • surviving & thriving in turbulent times
  • how to build a new world, permaculture, vegan/natural foods, breathwork, astronomy/astrology, healing trauma, water therapies
  • teaching movement, performing arts and storytelling - and the importance it holds in creating understanding, comfort, and support to navigate change.
  • regenerative initiatives for business and building the economy
  • Integrating a complimentary economy that interweaves with existing cultural heritage
  • leadership and business programs
  • volunteer/apprenticeship programs
  • elder mentorship
  • a children's school and orphanage
  • programs for the elderly
  • hospice, care and death awareness

Community Center

The center sits on a vast vein of spring water, and may also have mineral water.  Our vision is to use and take care of the water, as a central part of healing, growing food, generating power, functional purposes, and also for beauty, pleasure, and play.

For residence and visiting guests that includes:

  • group rooms for classes and retreats
  • hot spring mineral pools and swimming pool
  • water park and installations to harness the water
  • gym
  • yoga, martial arts, pilates, and movement classes
  • music, dance, performance art, art, and storytelling
  • co-working space
  • cafe

Residential housing on site, in town (1 k away), and in constructing a neighborhood within walking distance to the retreat center.

A waterpark for hot and cold pools, swimming, waterfalls, fountains, etc.

Village: initiatives to regenerate the village with local businesses spearheaded by community members for local services (cafes, shuttle service, taxi, laundry, etc.).


We fulfill the vision by creating services at the retreat center that create a complimentary economy - with community internal money, financing, and governing.

At the center we accomplish this through the following services:

  • leadership, finance, business and banking services
  • holistic healing educational sessions, classes, programs, seminars, and retreats
  • 2 cafes
  • movie theater
  • residential housing
  • guests staying on site
  • use of the community center and water park

In town, we fulfill the vision by:

  • cleaning up and beautifying the town
  • introducing new eco-based services and businesses
  • building a thriving economy that’s supported by our own currency, in combination with the euro.


Based on 4 pillars


from the inside out; we are each whole, complete, and resourceful.


to self, and to each other in growing awareness, taking care of Earth, each other - and in business to be sustained both economically and ecologically.

Live by 7 co-commitments

honesty, integrity, negative emissions lifestyle, sustainability, transparency and forthright communication, humor and play.

Zero drama

We are each committed to our inner work, self-practice, and listening from within.


Anthony Abbagnano and Amy Rachelle

Anthony and Amy have been looking for the right property to bring their community, colleagues, friends, and family after leaving Bali in 2015.

On the verge of giving up, and longing for home and a place to ground the vision, a dear friend who used to work with Anthony in his property business in Tuscany in the 80’s and 90’s found an abandoned retreat center – and village in the mountains of southern Tuscany.  After contemplating it for 3 years, and influenced by the troubled times we live in, Anthony and Amy bought the retreat center in January 2020.

Combining Anthony and Amy’s passion for community, love for people, and belief in the human spirit to not only survive - yet thrive - they are dedicated to creating a safe haven to birth a new world.

They decided on the name ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts), as Anthony’s Alchemy of Breath first came from the restaurant and community hub in Bali that Anthony co-founded in Ubud.  And Anthony and Amy believe in the alchemy we each bring to community, and that it’s magic, culture, and creation stems from what each person brings to it.

As healers, this name was also born out of their love for to see a human soul flourish to a community – and the planet thrive as old structures naturally die, and more conducive ones birth.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with the center and village:

Coming Soon

  • Book a treatment, therapy, or retreat
  • Enjoy the day at the water park and community center
  • Build your own business

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