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A Tuscan Renaissance ~ Regeneration & Renewal



ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts) is a Retreat and Community Center located underneath a medieval village in Southern Tuscany. The Center is the cornerstone of an initiative to regenerate the village – which is mostly uninhabited – into a thriving Intentional Community.

The continuation of growing our existing 40,000 person online community is the foundation for the center.  It will become the land-based academy and safe haven dedicated to ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible living, commerce, and business. 

When will we open?

Our soft opening is scheduled for October 2020 with Anthony’s breathwork students.  Then we will be open to guests following.

Our official opening will be May 2021 with a celebration, 1st annual experimental community festival based on performance art, music, dance, movement, and storytelling – plus,  with workshops on leadership and business.

When can you come?

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, @ASHAITALY to learn more.


ASHA is the physical manifestation of an already thriving online community of several thousand people who seek a place to land. After three decades of exploration, investigation and involvement in community building, Anthony and Amy have now found the perfect location to ground the vision for a new way of living in troubled times.

The ASHA Community is based in and around an ex-mining town in Tuscany.  Since the mines were closed some 25 years ago, most of the youth have left to find work in bigger cities. 

With the support of the ASHA Foundation, we seek to regenerate the town and its surroundings in two ways: by attracting the younger generation back with zero-impact light industry initiatives, and by creating a nomad oasis for those who may have roamed the world in the past, but now understand the climate consequences of random international travel. 

With the understanding and commitment that creating a new community is an inside-out job, we seek community members who are financially able and independent, and who share a common ethos dedicated to co-creativity and inspired living. (Give link to the 10 co-commitments here)

ASHA is a Pilot Project for collaboration and creation of similar communities around the world. The first purchase of land and buildings provides the venue for retreats as well as a community centre for those who choose to relocate here. We see the town and surrounding area as a safe-haven dedicated to ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible living, commerce, and business.

We seek to regenerate a 4,000 person underpopulated village and retreat/community center.

Designed to work holistically with the natural cycles and seasons, based on:

Community Center

The center sits on a vast vein of spring water, and may also have mineral water.  Our vision is to use and take care of the water, as a central part of healing, growing food, generating power, functional purposes, and also for beauty, pleasure, and play.

For residence and visiting guests that includes:

Residential housing on site, in town (1 k away), and in constructing a neighborhood within walking distance to the retreat center.

A waterpark for hot and cold pools, swimming, waterfalls, fountains, etc.

Village: initiatives to regenerate the village with local businesses spearheaded by community members for local services (cafes, shuttle service, taxi, laundry, etc.).


We will fulfil the vision by creating services at the retreat center that create a complimentary economy - with community internal money, finance, and governance.

The Community Centre will offer the following services:

In and around the town, we will fulfil the vision by:


Based on 3 principles....


One of the 10 co-commitments is to acting from the awareness, as individuals, that we are 100 percent the source of our individual reality. This obviates co-dependent behaviour which would include blaming others for our circumstances, or expecting others to provide solutions which we are able to find for ourselves. It also allows each of us to be considered complete, resourceful and wholly independent - standing up for co-creativity instead of co-dependence.


Largely taken from 60 years relational work of Gay and Katie Hendricks, these 10 commitments drive the guidance we need to thrive in harmony and co-creativity.

Zero drama

We are each committed to our inner work, self-practice, and listening from within. that is good for now. I am slowly going through it with the intention of making appropriate changes that reflect our current understandings.


This project is bigger than any one of us, and it has been seeded and sprouted with a view to “What can I do for my community?” Rather than “What can my community do for me?”

There are times that community can provide the reflection and support we need to further ourselves towards our highest self-value. This quality of support is based on supporting the strength in each of us, rather than indulging the weakness.

If each member of the community is willing to bring more than they need to take, there will be abundance.

This abundance can then spread from the individual to others, and from our human community to serve the land and environment in which we live. It can be applied to everything we do, including our approach to ethical, zero-impact business, and sustaining a virtuous circle that does not weigh on the world, but rather serves its interest.


Anthony Abbagnano and Amy Rachelle

Anthony and Amy have been looking for the right property to bring their community, colleagues, friends, and family after leaving Bali in 2015.

On the verge of giving up, and longing for home and a place to ground the vision, a dear friend who used to work with Anthony in his property business in Tuscany in the 80’s and 90’s found an abandoned retreat center – and village in the mountains of southern Tuscany.  After contemplating it for 3 years, and influenced by the troubled times we live in, Anthony and Amy bought the retreat center in January 2020.

Combining Anthony and Amy’s passion for community, love for people, and belief in the human spirit to not only survive - yet thrive - they are dedicated to creating a safe haven to birth a new world.

They decided on the name ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts), as Anthony’s Alchemy of Breath first came from the restaurant and community hub in Bali that Anthony co-founded in Ubud.  And Anthony and Amy believe in the alchemy we each bring to community, and that it’s magic, culture, and creation stems from what each person brings to it.

As healers, this name was also born out of their love for to see a human soul flourish to a community – and the planet thrive as old structures naturally die, and more conducive ones birth.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with the center and village:

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